We get a lot of questions about the old

                Kingsley Machine Company Typeholders
                 Using Standard Hot Foil Stamping Type in them.

Originally the type holders had a ridge built into it (first photo below).  Kingsley Machine Company Type
was exclusively manufactured for them and was on a 17 point body with two nicks on one side and one nick
on the other side (second photo below, top).   This allowed only Kingsley Machine Company Type to fit in
the equipment.   Standard type is on a standard body in sizes such as 18, 24, 36, 48, 72.  As you can see in
second photo below (the standard type is shown in the bottom of the photo)  standard type has only one
nick and is  being set in one of our new 18 point 3" holders designed for the old model Kingsley to hold
standard type.

           Upgrading you old Kingsley Machine Company Typeholders:

Have the ridge removed  and one point removed from the Back of the holder.  Removing the one point
from the back is important because the holder remember was for 17 point type and you will be now be
using 18 point type.  So how much is one point...only .014 "

Note: this is not required for the Kingsley M-101 series machine Typeholders.
Kingsley Machine Company Type Holder with the
Kingsley Machine Company Type Holder with the
ridge  removed
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The Single Line Typeholder Upgrade
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Kingsley Machine Company Type
Original showing and Availability of
Kingsley Type faces
Kingsley Machine Company Type (top) with the three ridges.

Standard Hot Stamping Type (bottom) 18 point
Shown in our New Steel 3" holder
Kingsley Machine Company Type Holder
remove 1 point (.014") off the back
Kingsley Machine Company Two Line Typeholder

Note the same must  be done for the two line holder.  The holder at the top is an original holder
and as you can see the type does not fit properly.  Remove one point from each channel (.014")  

The holder shown at the bottom is new and is ready to use the standard 18 point type.
Contact us if you are interested in a new holder.
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