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Kingsley Machine  36 point Type Holder:

This is Kingsley Machine Companies 36 point type holder.  It was designed to hold standard 36 point Foundry Type. We find it
works well; however, it gets stuck in the type head at times.  This occurs when the  aluminum type head get gauled.  That is, the
type head gets "dirty" or gets black/gray streaks where the type holder goes in.  Clean the type head  and the type holder.   We use
Flitz it works great, for us.  Also, if the type holder is tightened to much it will cause the type to bulge out of the stick and make it
difficult to put the type holder in or out of the  machine.  Sometimes if I am concerned about the type falling out during a run I will
set the type, "snug" up the type in the holder, insert in the machine, let it heat up for a few minute then tighten it again while in the
machine, before I begin printing.  Check it as you go, this type holder has a tendency to vibrate loose.
Kingsley Machine Company 36 point Type Holder
Kingsley Machine Multi-Line Type Holders:

Right Photo: A Kingsley Machine Companies three line type holder for use with 12 point foundry type.  Holds 12 point body foundry type.  Kingsley Machine
Company recommended that an aluminum filler strip be used in any channel that is not to be filled with foundry type. This I have found true in my own work
because the old Kingsley Hot Stamp machines had very low wattage heaters and by using the filler strip it allowed for better heat distribution.

Left Photo:  A Kingsley Machine Company standard two line type holder.  Kingsley stated that it held either 18 or 12 point body foundry type.  When using 12
point foundry type, aluminum filler strips were required, I have only tried this once and found it very difficult, it also increased the leading (space) between
the lines to an unacceptable level for our work.

Setting Type in the Type Holder:  Hold the type holder at a slight angle so the type will not fall out and set type from right to left.  Snug up the locking
screws, snug but do not over tighten.   Place the type holder in the Kingsley Machine and let it heat up.  Once the type holder is hot  tighten the locking

Preparing to imprint:  When using the Kingsley two line holder it may be inserted from either side of the Kingsley hot stamp machine.  Insert type holder
from left side to stamp at the top of a page, and from the right side to stamp at the bottom of a page.
Kingsley Machine Company 36 point Typeholder
with Hot Foil Stamping Type set ready to imprint.
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NOTE: You will need one of these 36 point type holders
to use type of  various sizes other than 18 point up to 36
point type in you Kingsley Machine
Kingsley Machine Company Type
Original showing and Availability of
Kingsley Type faces
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Kingsley Machine Typeholders

Kingsley 36 point Typeholder
Kingsley Multi-Line Typeholder
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Kingsley Machine
Kingsley Machine Company 36 point Type Holder

Here is a way for you to use 24 point (and other sizes up to 36 point) in your old model
Kingsley Machine

Shown here is one of our New 36 point x 5" long Typeholders with 24 point installed.
Note you must use 36 point spaces with  smaller type.
Kingsley Machine Company 36 point Type Holder With a Ludlow Pre-Set Slug

Here is a way for you to use many different type face and have us set the type.
Use Pre-Set lines of Ludlow.  See our
Ludlow section for over 700 available type Faces

The original 3" Kingsley 36 Point Typeholder will only hold  a 2 3/4"  long slug

If you need more room contact us about our New 36 point, 5" holders
Kingsley Machine Company Old Series Two Line Typeholder

The holder at the top is an original old style 3" holder and as you can see the type does not fit
properly.  Remove one point from each channel (.014")  

The holder shown at the bottom is new and is ready to use the standard 18 point type in.

Contact us
if you are interested in a new holder.
Kingsley Machine Company 2 Line 18 point Typeholder

with foundry type set ready to imprint.
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