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Type Showing Pg 4 for Book Binding
Type Showing Pg 5 Old English and Coronet Bold

Hot Stamping Type with Accents

LARGE MONOGRAMS   for Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing Metal Foil Printers Type

Ornaments - Emblems - Symbols   

Christian Symbol Sets

What is
Hot Stamping Embossing Engraving
Monogramming Debossing

Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Engraving Machines

Bell    Commercial Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Machine
Commercial Hot Foil Stamping Machine SUPPLIES, FOIL and Accessories
Professional Book Binders Commercial Hot Foil Stamping Machine
The Green Machine....Great Machine for Less Green..Great for Leather
Leather Embossing Monogramming Machine for LARGE Bags and Leather Goods

Franklin Imprint Machine Company      Franklin Manufacturing Duracase Type

Kingsley Machine Company                 Kingsley Machine Company Pg 2 Single Line Typeholder     
Kingsley Machine Company 36 point and Multi-line Typeholder  
Kingsley Machine Company 72 point and 5 line Typeholder
Kingsley Machine Company M-101 Typeholders
Kingsley Machine Company Pg 3 Hot to Imprint, Kingsley Foil Feed  
Kingsley Machine Company  Pencil Ribbon Gold Stamping
Kingsley Machine Company  Napkin Book Matches and Paper Imprinting
Kingsley Machine Company Gauge Bar and Base Plate Christmas Card Imprinting
Kingsley Machine Company Leather Gold Foil Stamping and Imprinting
Kingsley Machine Company Instruction Manual for Model M-55, M-65 and M-75
Kingsley Machine Instruction Manual M-101  AM-101 and  M-75
Kingsley Machine Company Type  Original Showing
Kingsley Hot Stamping Bibles Christian Symbol Sets

Kwikprint     Kwikprint in 1962     Kwikprint Placement of Type In the Equipment
Kwikprint Multiline Typeholder for use with Gold Stamping Letters
Kwikprint Model 17 Hot Stamping and Embossing Machine
Kwikprint Model 55 Hot Stamping and Embossing Machine

Howard Hot Foil Stamping Machine      Howard Hot Foil Imprinting Equipment Attachments   
Howard Foil Stamping Type Holders
Howard Foil Stamping Type Holders Shown With Foundry Type   

Veach Hot Foil Stamping Machines

Goldsmith Gold Stamping Machine

How to
Hot Gold Foil Stamping Engraving Embossing

Ribbon Printing Machine

Scrapbook pg1

Letterpress & Commercial Printing Co.

The Letterpress Print Shop  

Letterpress Publisher Posters Booklets Cards     

Letterpress Gallery        Letterpress Gallery pg 2         Foil Stamping Gallery   


Hot Stamping Cable Ties, Marker Flag Ties, Marker Plates
Hot Foil Stamping Leather Engraving Services
Hot Stamping Legal Binder Guest check Presenter Journals Checkbook Cover

Ludlow Typesetting      

Ludlow Typesetting pg 2     Ludlow Typesetting  pg 3     Ludlow Typesetting pg 4

Ludlow Typesetting pg 5     Ludlow Typesetting pg 6      Ludlow Typesetting pg 7

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LDS Bookstore Hot Foil Stamping Supplies

Personalized Bible Imprinting

Reflections on Los Angeles Type Founders



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