Showing of the Foundry Type Faces we are Currently Running
Our Foundry Type

Please contact us via email so we
can send you a PDF of this 2010
foundry type showing.  It will print
out actual size on 8 1/2 x 11 stock.   
Please take the time to verify the
size of the type prior to ordering.

We have the means to make many
of the foundry type we have
produced over the 78 years the
company has been in business.
Many of the faces shown are
Original Kingsley Machine
Company type Faces.  This type
can be used as Kingsley
Replacement type.

If you do not see what you are
looking for please inquire.

Bell Type and Rule was founded
early in the last century and has
defined itself as the premier
manufacturer of fine quality foil
stamping and letterpress type.

We have provided type for hot
stamping machines manufacturers
including the Kingsley Machine
Company, (ITW), Kwikprint,
Franklin Imprinting Machine
Company, Magic Systems, TJ
Edwards as well as countless
other machine companies and
letterpress shops and studios.

We maintain the highest quality
control over our foundry type, rule,
borders, spaces, and spacing
materials during manufacturing in
order to deliver the customer the
finest printing type and supplies.

Our foundry type is specially cast
using a proprietary formulation
that is designed to handle the heat
and pressure required to hot
stamp.  This same formulation
makes the type very durable for
letterpress printing.  You will be
pleased with the consistent, crisp
results achieved with Bell Type
and Rule products.

We have a complete facility for
casting Monotype and Ludlow
composition.  There are many
machine-set faces available;
allowing, the designer to create a
distinctive look. We have a full
range of Ludlow Type Casting
Equipment  including over 700
fonts of type that are available to
cast individual lines to order.  Many
Ludlow fonts match the foundry
type.  For example this allows you
to have that line of  72 point to use
with your 18 point handset font
with out the cost of purchasing an
entire font of 72.

Please feel free to call us or send
us an email with any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to
review our products.

Bell Type
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Please contact us for assistance in
choosing a type font that is best for
your application.  

Remember Choose Type Carefully
Type is NOT returnable.
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