Kingsley Machine
Do you have a old Kingsley Machine?

We do and the foundry type we make will fit in most Kingsley Machine hot stamping
presses.  The above add was circa 1940 to our knowledge.  Today the comparable foil
stamping machine would cost over $1,100.00   The Kingsley Air Machine was a great short
run hot foil machine for imprinting napkins or imprinted ribbon.
When you are ready for some hot foil stamping foundry type, give us a call.  We will need
to know what type of Kingsley Machine you have and what kind of Kingsley type holder
you are using.  On the next several pages we discuss the different Kingsley Machine
Company Typeholders, click on the photo below to get more information.   If the type stick
has a ridge in it, the stick can be modified so foundry type will fit in your Kinsley Machine.

The Kingsley Machine is a great hot foil machine so don't give up on it.   We can help you
get the imprinting supplies and the foil stamping type you need to keep on imprinting.  
We have used our Kingsley Machines to do the following:

Bible imprinting, ribbon imprinting, album imprinting, and napkin imprinting

So keep your Kingsley running!  

We will help you with any questions.  

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Kingsley Type Holders
Kingsley Machine Company
Circa 1995
M-101 and AM-101 series Machines
Photo of the test bench in the factory
Kingsley Machine Company,
Hollywood CA
Circa 1990
The Kingsley Machine Company
Model AM-101 and M-101
Parts Description

This is an original Kingsley Machine
Company  Parts Description page
from Kingsley's old Instruction

This is actually a second generation
Kingsley Machine.  The first
Kingsley Hot Stamp Machines had a
cloth cord and the rheostat (heat
regulator) that was mounted on the
base board.  The heating element
was flat and attached to the back of
the type head. (1932 - 1970's)

The second generation looks like the
photo to the right with the rubber
cord and the heat regulator mounted
to the machine.  Kingsley also went
to a tubular heating element at this
time. (1970's - 1990's)

Their final monogramming machine
is the M-101 and AM-101 series
shown at the bottom of the page.
(1990's - closing)
Kingsley Machine Company
Circa 1930 - 1990
M-45    M-60    M75
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This add was from approximately the 1940's
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Hot Stamping Machine

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