For use in Embossing Hot Gold Foil Stamping.  Anatomy of Embossing Hot
Foil Stamping Letterpress Type
Type characters are cast backwards, or right to left, so that they will
appear in right position in the resulting impression.  The printer reads the
individual type characters, or lines of type, as they appear in an
upside-down position, which will then read from left to right, when printed.
TYPE:   Metal:  
Our type is made of extra hard foundry metal and is great for letterpress and specially
formulated to withstand the heat and pressure of hot foil stamping.  Type Metal" is defined
as - the alloy form which type is made.  The alloy shrinks much less when passing form the
liquid to the solid state than the average shrinkage of the components and does not creep
or stretch as other elements do when pressure cast.  "Hard foundry Metal" is used to make
foundry type and ours  is specially formulated to be of maximum hardness yet it allows for
the finest details of the type face and has superb printing rigidity.
Parts of a piece of  TYPE:

The face of a type is the outlined character standing out in relief on its upper end which
gives its impression to the paper or product.  The face is the actual printing surface.   
Note item 6, if you are hot stamping or letterpress printing on a soft napkin or very thick
soft paper you would want little or no shoulder.  Under soft materials we find a hard
packing is better.  Hard surfaces, such as standard 20# bond, match book covers and
ribbon will allow you to use type with a greater shoulder.
TYPE  styles come in different weights:

This is important when working to achieve the sharpest impression with the greatest
ease of printing.  In general, type faces come in the following weights:  light, medium,
book, regular, bold, and heavy.    We have found for most letterpress and foil stamping
jobs, book weight is the easiest to print, leaves a very legible impression and shows color
well.  Book weight type also seams to have greater durability, and not break down under
continued use.
A FONT of Type:

Foundry type is sold in sets, assortments or fonts.  A font contains a complete set of
letters of one body size and style of type. The amount of each character provided varies in
accordance with the frequency of its use in ordinary printing.   For example a standard
foundry type font comes in two packages:  the Cap font, which includes the figures and
points (punctuation) and the second package is the Lower Case font.

Height and Size:

The American standard for type height
is referred to as type high and is .918 of
an inch. (#1)

The body sizes (#2)
most commonly made today are:
6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18 ,24, 36, 48, 60, 72 Point.
Hot Foil Stamping Engraving Type Letters
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Foundry Type
Type Fonts
This is a photo of a Font of  Type called 36 point Mayfair Cursive.  The
complete font comes in two packages.  A cap font and a lower case font.
This is another photo of the same
Font of  Type
36 point  Mayfair Cursive
We have unwrapped it so you can
see exactly what letters, numbers
and punctuation come in this font.


lower case font

lower case font

This is a font of 18 point, Bookman, foundry type.  
Note the quantity of each character has increased as
compared to the 36 Point Mayfair Cursive shown
above and is accordance with the frequency of use.
This is a font of  8 point, lower case #606 and originally came in a font sceam of 68a.
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