The above photo is from an old Ludlow Catalogue of Ludlow Typefaces.  The Ludlow type setting is
easy to handle.  These slugs make a great addition to foundry type you have in your shop.  For
example if you have a font of 18 Mayfair and have a design where you  would like a line 72 point
Mayfair, you can order the Ludlow slug to set and run your job.  This opens up your designs to grater
creativity without the cost of purchasing a font you may not use regularly.  Give Ludlow a try on your
next Letterpress or foil stamping job.
This is a scan of a Ludlow catalogue  sheet showing that a line can be cast up to 112 1/2 picas.  The line is delivered in slug sections.  Portions that
extend beyond the end of a slug are automatically cast with an overhang which fits into an indent or recess cast on the adjoining slug.   The spacing
is uniform throughout the line.  If you would like to try Ludlow for your hot foil stamping or letterpress printing the line of Ludlow,  will come ready to
drop in your form or your hot stamping or letterpress equipment.  No hand setting of individual letters required.  
To order Ludlow slugs
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Ludlow Script Faces
Alphabets that allow you to review all the characters available in a font
This is an original sales brochure from Ludlow showing
there Script typefaces.  We have all the type faces
shown, for line casting individual lies or an entire job.
See below for complete alphabets and sizes
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