Yes we have the metal letters... foundry type ...
for these old Franklin Imprinting Machines.  
These are  fun and useful machines.  We actually
have one of these machines that is designed to
print the inside brim of a hat.  

type fits in the Franklin Imprinting Machines.  To
the right of this photo is an original font of
foundry type sold by Franklin.
Franklin Model 115

This Hot Stamping Machine show cased the following Features:  

1. Power on light and temperature light
2. Foil advance control
3. Foil rewind assembly or take up for used foil
4. Squaring gauge and side stops
5. Sliding work table
6. Precise thermostatic heat control
7. Tiltable type and die holder
8. Self-Centering Jaws
9. Heat Indicating Thermometer
10. Automatic Foil Pull

The imprint area was 2" x 6 1/4", had 500 Watts of heat

Was sold as Ideal for hot stamping processes such as:  
foil stamping book bindings, ribbon imprinting,
napkin imprinting, personalized stationery

We have a friend who has used this hot stamping machine with our
foundry type to do ribbon imprinting for years with great success
Do you have one of these
Hot Foil Stamping  Machines ?
Kingsley Machine
Franklin  Imprinting Machine
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Kingsley Machine
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Hot Stamping  Machine

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Stamping machine.  It has the Automatic type
centering and alignment type head.  The
imprint are is  1/2"  x  2 5/8".   It came with a
The photos at the right are of the REGAL Gold
Thermostatic heat control, mounted to a type
and foil storage drawer base.
All were made in USA.

The REGAL was sold to do the following:
monogramming of key cases/tags, bible
imprinting, diaries imprinting, imprinting on
leather wallets and billfolds.   

In most cases it is used for a single impression.
The photos at the right are of the
SUPER REGAL Gold Stamping
machine.  It has the "Automatic type
centering and alignment head with an
imprint area of 1/2"  x  2 5/8".  It came
with a Thermostatic heat control,
automatic and adjustable foil
All were made in USA.

The SUPER REGAL was sold to do a
wider range of hot stamping.  The
Super Regal Hot Stamping machine
was designed to creat a variety of
personalized products including prayer
cards, monogramed playing cards,
imprinted ribbons, foil stamped labels,
imprinted hexagonal pencils and
personalizing matchbooks.

Our Hot Stamping Type is used in a verity of hot stamping equipment for
personalizing napkins, preform ribbon imprinting to imprint book binding
cover and even gold stamping the brims of hats.  

Our Foundry Type is used in Hot stamp machines such as the
Hot Foil Stamping Equipment,  Howard Personalizer, Kingsley Machine,   
Kwikprint, Gold-Magic, Veach, Goldsmith, Blockmaster and Franklin
Imprinting Machine, Bell Hot Stamping Machine,  to name just a few.  For
information on your equipment, please check out the related pages.  For
the Kingsley Machine, Howard Hot Stamp Equipment and Kwikprint, click
on the respective photo above.

For the Franklin, scroll down this page.
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Need Foundry Type

for your
Hot Stamping  Machine
Hot Stamping Supplies

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Hot Foil Embossing Stamping

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Original  1992

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Howard Imprinting
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