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Hot Metal Typesetting

Library of Ludlow Typefaces
Page 6

Suitable for use in
Letterpress Printing and Hot Foil Stamping
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How is this done, Setting Hot Stamping Line Dies or Slugs?
How do you set Copy for Letterpress?

The Ludlow is a slug-cat-ing machine that is a combinations of hand work
and a mechanical process.

Brass matrices (molds of the letters), are assembled by hand and put into a stick.  
The stick consists of a metal frame with a screw at one end which when tightened,
holds the Ludlow mats and spaces.

Next the operator spaces the line to the required length.  A line might require
letter-spacing to correct curing, the operator would preform that spacing by hand
at this time.  The handle is then snugged up to the line and prepared for casting.

The stick is placed over an open slot of the machine.  The compositor pushes down on the
lock-down lever and the locking mechanism holds the matricies firmly and accurately
against the mold.  Molten metal is forced up through the slot form beneath and against
the matricies (letters), and a slug is ejected.  The matricies are then hand
distributed back into there case.
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Line Casting for Hot Stamping Letterpress

The lines of type, slugs, are usually cast in molds with either
6- or 12- point body and 22 1/2 pica (about 3 1/2 inches) in length.  
Type faces larger than the slug body are cast overhanging,
the slug-head or upper portion of the T-shaped slug being the correct
thickness to be supported, for printing proposes, by
Base Material .765 inch high.  In the procedure of making up,
the slugs are provided with underpinning, either cut from strips
made on the material machines or using blank
slugs cast on the Ludlow.