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Hot Metal Typesetting

Library of Ludlow Typefaces
Page 7

Suitable for use in
Letterpress Printing and Hot Foil Stamping
............................................................................Indicates Available Sizes
To order Ludlow slugs
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How do you put the Lines of Type in your
Hot Stamping Machine?

Here are several Hot Stamping Typeholders and how the
Preset Lines of Type are locked up and ready to print

This is Typesetting for Hot Stamping and Letterpress Printing.
Ludlow Slugs Lines Set Names, Monograms or copy is easy
to lock up in the typeholder or Letterpress chase.

Above you can see Hot Stamping Letterpress Dies for one line of 18 point type
up to the One inch heavy Deep Type.  

Looking at the photos you will notice the blank slugs or
base material
are used to underpin the slugs for support.
You will need one set of base material for your type holder and
they can be reused by simply removing the Set Line of Type and
putting u
nder the new slug.

Along with your set of strip material (base material) one
should always use an aluminum bar in front of the
screws used to tighten the form and Slugs or lines of type
into the holder.  This will protect your base material (strip material)
from getting damaged.
Returning Used Slugs for Recycling

You don't need to wrap the line of type, when you are finished with
them, because we will be recycling the metal.  
The way most customers report how they handel the slugs is to put
together (nested) say 3 heavy plastic bags in a double (2 nested boxes)
i.e. Two med. USPS boxes.  

Place the bags in the box then place the used lines of type in the bags.  
When the box is say, 3/4 full close up the box, tape very well so the
metal does not break out the sides of the box and ship.  No need to
wrap the old slugs/lines.  The spacing material (metal between the lines
and on top and bottom of the form)  that you purchased you will want to
keep for use with the next job.

Many clients use FedEx or UPS Ground because the
handle the boxes more gently.