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Kingsley Machine
Operating   Hints
We have found the above Hot Foil Printing methods useful and have used them
for years with good results. The key her is to not slam the type down when
printing and not to have the heat to high.  In both case it cause the foundry type
to ware out prematurely and the printed impression to look unsightly.    Any hot
foil machine will work better using a softer touch and less heat.
 A few hints to get better foil stamping results from your
            Kingsley Machine

Make a few test stamping first: Before you stamp you job, hot stamp on some scrap item similar
to your job.  This will allow you to check the type setting, heat, pressure, and the position of the

If you have a "Faint Impression" hold down the handle a little longer.  You can also add a bit more
pressure but if the impression is coming thought the back of your stock a lot you have to much
pressure.  If the image is still faint then turn the heat up a bit. Most imprinting we have found
runs beat at 225 - 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you need more pressure or heat you should try
another foil first.

If you have a "Blurred impression"  the dwell time is to long or the machine is too hot.  So don't
hold the handle down so long and or turn down the heat.  We have found that to much pressure
will also cause the printing to blur.   
Kingsley Machine
Operating Hints
The Foil Feed
Kingsley Machine Company Foil Feeds:
Kingsley Machine Company made only a couple of types of foil feeds.  We have shown them below to
assist you in learning how to use yours.     

The key with all foil feed is the foil
 MUST NOT  touch the foundry type prior to imprinting.  

Foil that drags on the foundry type or dies will cause the impression to be blurry, not print and many
other undesirable things.  This is a major cause of damage to the foundry type; because, operators turn
up the heat, apply excessive pressure or dwell to try to get the job hot stamped.

Make sure the foil has a cool path through your hot stamping machine and keep the heat away from the
foil.  You will experience better results and ease in imprinting.
We are showing how the Ludlow type looks that
was used in hot stamping this napkin. Using an
easy release gold foil and Ludlow Slugs the
printing impression is appealing.
When you are doing napkin imprinting or on most
soft materials it is best to use a hard cushion
board.  Also, a hard cushion board will improve
the sharpness of the imprint.
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