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Kingsley Machine Company Accessories

Kinsley Adapter Sleeve

Kingsley  Ribbon Printing

Pencil Attachment
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type for your Kingsley Machine,
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Kingsley Machine Adapter Sleeve

This Adapter Sleeve was made for models M-50 - M-75  (different design was
made for the M-101)  This Kingsley Machine Adapter sleeve allows you to use a
one line type holder in your multi-line Kingsley Machine.  From 1971 on it can be
inserted from the right or the left side.

If you do not have a way to use the adapter sleeve you may have a one line
machine.  There were one line machines produces prior to WW-2.  If you have a
one line machine there really is no way to print more than one line of type.
Kingsley Machine Hot Foil Stamping Pencils:

Kingsley Machine Company made  two styles of Pencil Attachments.  This is a showing of the Kingsley
Machine Co. Pencil Attachment that came with our equipment.  This is the better of the two that were

Clamp the attachment to the base of the machine using the thumb screw at the right side.

To line up the attachment so the type prints centered on the pencils, place a type holder full of type in
the machine, then bring the type down and Look from the side to see if the type is centered over the
pencil.  If not, move the attachment forward or backward as required.  When it is correct use the Allen
Cap screws to lock in the position, by moving the screw in the front in till it contacts the base plate then
use the Allen screw that is perpendicular to lock the position. Now your read to go each time.

We suggest using 10 point type or larger.  Smaller sizes do not show up well and fill in.
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Kingsley Ribbon Printing
We found this plate in our Kingsley Ribbon Imprinting Equipment,
showing how to use the Ribbon spindle and Guide when doing an
Imprinted ribbon job.  Check out our line of small 14 point
ornaments that were designed to imprint ribbon that is 3/8" or

Click on the underlined word to See the Bell Type
Ornament     section.

Kingsley Machine Pencil Imprinting
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There are several schools of thought regarding the
Size of the Type

used on
Hexagon Pencil

12 on 18 News, is a 12 point type and fills the pencils top to bottom on a regular hexagon
pencil.  Your printing must be spot on so you don't end up with a lot of spoilage.

10 on 18 is a 10 point type and is smaller and leaves a bit of room top and bottom
in the printing area.  But smaller.

Now we have  8 on 18.  8 point type can be difficult to print because it is so small.  It is sued
for "bridge" pencils that are a bit smaller. The foundry just made a run of  8 on 18
Copperplate.  Because the Copperplate is extended it is more open and easier to imprint.