Spacing materials used in lines of type setting should always be the same body
size as that of the type.  In handset type they consist of the standard units of
quads and spaces and some form of additional thin spaces used for letter
spacing, line justification and tightening of lines.

The spaces are to be the same size as the type body being set and are less than
type high so they will not print.

The em quad (also call a "nut") is the unit of spacing material  that is a square of
the size of type you are setting.  For example an em quad of 18 point type is 18 x
18 points.   

The en quad is one-half the width of the em quad or the size of the type your are
setting.  In the 18 point example above that would be 9 points wide but still on
an 18 body (18 x 9).

The 3-em  space is one third the width of the em space.  This is the common
space used between words.  So using our 18 point example the 3-em space is 6
points wide and still on an 18 body (18 x 6)

The 4-em  space is one forth the width of the nut. And the  5-em  space is one
fifth of the em quad.  For our example the 18 point 4-em space is 4.5 points wide
and the   5-em  space is 3.6 points wide or about 3 1/2 points wide.
Leads and Slugs
used in Line spacing ...

Leads and slugs are strip spacing
material made of  metal.  They are used
for line spacing or anywhere strips of
spacing material are required.

We cast strip material
in several thicknesses ranging from
2  to 36 points.

Material that is 6 points or less is  
called leads, those from 6 to 36 points
are called slugs.  

Contact us for pricing and availability.  
Special runs of material are available
during our manufacturing runs.

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Type Faces
ype Setting
Cross sections of the bodies on
which strip material is formed.
Line Spacing
Bell Type
Letter Spacing
There are three general classes of spacing materials used to compose
and make up a type form.  They are the same if you are doing
letterpress printing or hot stamping.  




Letter spacing and word spacing is done within a line of type and line
spacing is done between the lines of type.
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This is a sample of Letter Spacing, Word
Spacing and Line spacing.  Note in the
line spacing example the spacing material
has been printed for demonstration
purposes here so you can see the space
that was put between the lines but would
not show in your work.
This is a valuable technique to learn when
Embossing Hot Gold Foil Stamping
Leather Goods.  Also when dong heavy
textured paper for Letterpress.
This is a sample of how spaces and
quads are used in the type form.
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