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for these old
Kwikprint Model 55 Embossing and Gold
Stamping Presses

The typeholder is designed to hold
standard hot foil stamping type or gold
embossing type.
The Kwikprint could be ordered with a Foil Feed.  
However we virtually never use our.  We find it really nice to lay the
foil in by hand.  This allows us to be able to have a great view of the
working or imprint area and really control the Hot Foil Stamping Imprint.

The Hot Stamping Foil Feed was extra and ranged from $150 - 168.00 in 1985
according to the Lincoln Wire Co. Catalogue where we got this information

The one thing we just got after many years is the light that is sold as an accessory
this is Great!!   It  is positioned on the machine and really
illuminates the work.  A good addition in our view.

It had a depth of throat of 81/2 inches, It had dimentions of 22 x 12 x 16.

The typeholder like all Kwikprint models swings face up for  loading.

This machine is still in production
and we have one in inventory for sale.  
Give us a Call for Pricing

Holds foil up to 2" wide

When supplied with a Multiline
Typeholder for use with Foil Stamping
Type it was available in several sizes:
1  x  5 3/4      1 x 9     2 x 5 3/4        2 x 9

The engraved plate holder capacity
was depended on the typeholder that
was installed on the machine.

The stamping table was 12"  x  12"  

The  machine weighted 38 pounds   

In 1985 this machine sold for $630.00
base price more for every larger sized
typeholder and foil feed is extra

This machine is no longer in
production for new models
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