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Bible Imprinting Personalizing Hot Stamping
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Personalized Imprinted Engraved Bibles & Bible Imprinting

Personalizing Service
Available to Businesses and


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On the RIGHTis the most commonly used Hot Foil Stamping Type for doing Personalized
Engraved Bible Imprinting, 18 point Goudy Cursive
Goudy Cursive has a pleasing look, with nice open letters, that creates a clean crisp impression
that is stylized yet very legible.  

Also available is 18 point News Gothic Condensed.   Again
, In clean open face, good for those
times when you have a  lot of copy you wish to put on one line

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If you wish to offer affordable personalization of
your Bibles with in-house Bible imprinting
system for your Christian Book Store or
Christian Gift Shop.  We feel you will find this
machine is the answer.

There are so many great things to talk about
when discussing Bible Personalization and using
this particular hot foil stamping embossing

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Leather Imprinting
Getting set up to Emboss or Personalize a Bible

On the LEFT  a Gauge Bar is used to align the bible under the machine head  The Gauge Bar allows you to
have a right angle stop.  The Gauge Bar moves forward and back and the side stop moves left and right.   This
is how you set up
the position of the imprint to be emboss or personalize on different size Bibles.

Below is a demonstration of the 4 line 5" type holder designed for
doing 1
to 4  lines, adding ornaments or dates with ease of set up.

Note that d
o not load the foil on the foil feed.  In our shop we do not use the foil feeds when doing leather items
or Bible Imprinting.   Leaving the foil off allows us greater visibility of the imprint area.   It is particularly
important when stamping a rough material as you will want to blank stamp the material first in order to "iron" or
smooth out, with the type, where the imprints goes. Then lay the foil in by hand and kiss or "lay" the foil into the
imprint a area.
 Machines are shipped with out a foil feed for those doing Bible Imprinting or Leather work.
Green Machine
Manual Foil Feed for Long Run Jobs
Heat Controller of Better Imprints
Right Side View showing 4" depth of throat
3 1/2' of clearance under the head for great
visibility of imprint area
Setting the Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Metal Printers Type
in the
3 line, 18 point, 5 inch

It should be noted that the handle of the Typeholder is to our left and the nick in the type is up.   The name Harold is set left to right with
the nick up starting on the bottom line.
Setting the type in this manor allows the typeholdr to be inserted in the Left side of the machine thus avoiding the handle of the holder
crashing into the spine of the Bible (see incorrect method below)
Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Metal Printing Type
Personalized Bible Imprinting
Placing the Foil
Clamping down the work

Shown here is the Bible about to be Imprinted
with Gold Foil.  Note again that we cut a small
piece of foil and lay it under the head prior to

Note the clamp in the center of the photo.  
Clamping the bible to the metal base plate.  
This helps hold the Bible in place while blank
stamping and then foiling the Bible.  It is
sometimes necessary to prop up the right side
of the bible with a box or other item to help
insure the Bible does not move during the
Imprinting operation.
We suggest always F I R S T   stamping on a
clear piece of acetate and laying it on the book
so you can see exactly where the imprint is
going to land and to check spelling.
Note:  If you set the type the other way and insert the
Typeholder from the Right side. No worries just
remove the handle so it does not crash into the spine
of the Bible