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Hot Metal Typesetting

Library of Typefaces

Suitable for use in
Letterpress Printing and Hot Foil Stamping
To order Ludlow slugs
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In Setting typefaces of large pointsize, purchasing slugs affords particular advantages.  
Single types of the 60 and 72 point sizes are exceeding awkward to store in quantity and
handle in setting.  Using our slug service you can offer your clients various type faces in both
60 and 72 point that work well for there respective job.  No purchasing of many large fonts
and hoping it works for your client.  All you have to do is drop in the preset slug, stamp your
job and return the slug for recycling, billing your client for the type setting.

Every slug is cast and is always-new type in the sluglines exceeding accurate in
height-to-paper reduces make-ready to a minimum and augments savings in the composing
room with savings in the pressroom.  Slug are infinitely easier to handle and lock up in your
machine or press vs hand set type.

Effective typefaces as shown in these pages bring new customers and provide the best kind of
insurance against losing old ones.  They furnish a sales lever more powerful than price.  They
help build reputations and without the use of additional capital required to purchase volumes
of hand set type fonts.

Try Our Ludlow Typesetting Service for your Hot Stamping or Letterpress needs.

............................................................................Indicates Available Sizes
These web-pages show many
of the typefaces available for
use with the Ludlow for line
casting and use in Hot Stamping
and Letterpress.   Machine set
type for Hot Stamping for
names or Monograms.

In addition to the modern
typefaces there is a fine
selection of well-designed
traditional faces - many of which
complete with their italics, are
included in these pages.
Key to the Ludlow Type Pages
In designing these type pages, you'll find a complete alphabet showing, usually in 24 point
size (size shown in bold under alphabet) so that all the characters of the alphabet are
illustrated, which is particularly important when lettering and fitting type in a specific style for
a specific purpose.  In addition to the complete alphabets shown, the other sizes that are
available in the particular face are listed just under the alphabet showing