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Library of Ludlow Typefaces
Page 3

Suitable for use in
Letterpress Printing and Hot Foil Stamping
To order Ludlow slugs
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Type sizes range from 6 to 84 point covers practically every composing type face
requirement. Below each type face showing are the available sizes for that particular
type face.  Alphabets are available up to 144 point for special casting.

Type Faces available include all the popular standard faces, with and increasing
number of modern designs and feature faces.  Superior type designing had gone into
the making of the Ludlow typefaces, constantly keeping pace with new developments in
the field.

The sloping matrices make possible spirited italic and cursive typefaces on slugs which
print under practical conditions with out the handicap of broken letters-so commonly
associated with the very thought of such typefaces.

For fine composition, all the niceties of special hand spacing are wholly practical
with the Ludlow.  Bad letter combinations may be eliminated more easily than by any
other method of hand setting.

Composition:  The slugs can come set flush left, flush right or centered.  Purchasing
slugs that are centered saves you composition time in not having to self quad the line in
your hand set type arrangement.

Errors in type setting are reduced to a minimum because the proof of the slugs can be
red and corrected prior to sending out to your shop or studio.

Typefaces of different sizes or type may be combined on the same slug.  Capitals of two
different sizes can be combined in common alignment by means of  the offset alignment
sick without complicated fussing with spaces and subsequent trouble in lock-up in the
typeholder or press.

Long lines up to 90 pica or about 14 inches long can be set and connected together so
that the spacing is uniform throughout the entire line.

The system offers economies in producing quality jobs
at lest cost for your shop.
...................................................................Indicates Available Sizes
Key to the Ludlow Type Pages
In designing these type pages, you'll find a complete alphabet showing, usually in 24 point
size (size shown in bold under alphabet) so that all the characters of the alphabet are
illustrated, which is particularly important when lettering and fitting type in a specific style for
a specific purpose.  In addition to the complete alphabets shown, the other sizes that are
available in the particular face are listed just under the alphabet showing