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What is
Leather Debossing
Leather Engraving
leather Hot Stamping Imprinting?

The Bell Commercial Series Machines-Equipment

Leather Engraving Hot Stamping Machines Equipment
Leather Debossing Hot Stamping Branding Gold Blocking
Heat Stamping Leather Embossing

The Machines are designed and built for those that are serious about doing
Leather Engraving Hot Stamping
in the
commercial market place

It is rugged and designed for short or long runs.  This Leather Imprinting
Machine is built to last.  If you are in a retail business, Commercial Business,
Manufacturer and
need a quality Hot Foil Stamping Machine this is it.

100% US Made Machine, High quality, durable, accurate
Hot Foil Stamping Machine.

This Engraving Hot Stamping Machine
is designed to:

Imprint an area of one line of 18 point type (about 3/8") up to 4" x 5".  

The Blue Machine has a
foil feed that actually pull the foil smoothly and
accurately so each impression prints in the proper locating on Fresh foil for
those doing the same stamping repeatedly
The Green Machine for Leather with out the foil feed opens the door
to doing a larger array of products.  Our clients boost of doing
169 different items in there stores with the Green Machine

This machine is beautiful crafted by expert machinists.  You can fell the
difference and
your work will Look the Difference.

The machine is Rigid and
Accurate and will take years of use

It is truly 100%
US Made

Get started right
with Leather Embossing and Engraving
equipment you can count on to do the job.

Please contact us for a quote or with any questions at
          What is......

Leather Debossing:

Is heat-pressing into the surface of the leather or item with a solid metal Type or die that creates a
depressions or indentations.  Debossing is an impression with out foil (color).  

Leather Hot Stamping, Gold Blocking, Heat Stamping:   

Hot Stamping is used to Imprint Leather with your logo, makers mark, monogram or personalize
Leather, by stamping a name, initials, personal message, poem, logo or other images into a large
variety of leather, vinyl, and other items. Gold and Silver are the most used colors; however, Black
and Brown are also used on leather.

Leather Engraving:

The word Engraving is used in the common vernacular to describe Leather Hot Stamping and has
mostly replace the term Leather Hot Stamping.  So Leather Engraving is Leather Hot Stamping,
Leather Monogramming or Leather Personalizing.  These terms have come to be used

Some Ideas of Leather Items that would be great for Hot Stamping,  
Gold Blocking, Leather Engraving, Leather Embossing......

Leather Wallets, Leather iPad Cases, Leather Bags or Purses, Leather Key Fobs, Leather Book Marks
Jewelry Boxes for the wholesale Jewelry industry, Leather Business Card Holders, Leather Diaries
Leather Kindle Cases, Leather Mobil Phone Covers, Leather Albums, Leather Music Folder, Leather
Bibles, Leather Tags, Leather Labels
Foundry Type

Hot Stamping Leather

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Hot Stamping....Engraving
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Leather Hot Foil Stamping Type Machines Supplies
Here are some examples of

Leather Hot Stamping Engraving
Leather Debossing

The Leather Engraving Hot Stamping
Debossing Equipment used to get the
desired results
Bell Green Machine
Leather Embossing,
Hot  Stamping
The Green
Set up
on the Retail
Type and Die holders
Hot Stamping Engraving Foil
for Leather

we can help you set up your new machine ready to go
to work

Contact us today to send us samples of your
product you would like set up.
Leather Embossing Engraving Hot Stamping
Equipment Type and Services
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Leather What is Leather Debossing Hot Stamping Imprinting  pg 1B

Leather Embossing Hot gold Foil Stamping DEEP  Type

Leather Embossing engraving Hot Stamping Type - BT pg 2

Leather Embossing - How to Emboss Leather - BT pg 7

Leather Gold Foil Stamping and Imprinting