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Some Thoughts form the Print Shop

Samples of Embossing Debossing Foil Stamped Leather

What does Debossing on Leather Look like?

What does Hot Gold Foil Stamping on Leather look like?

What does Embossing Leather Look Like?

Different weights of Type Faces
Stamped into Leather
The Green Machine
use in the Leather Industry for
Leather Embossing
The question is often raised as to what a Handset Type
Face looks like imprinted into leather using
Hot Gold Foil Stamping, Clear Foil or Debossing.

The above sample is a showing of each process:
Hot Gold Foil Stamping - Top three lines
Hot Foil Stamping using Clear Foil - Middle three lines
Debossing - Bottom three lines
Some Thoughts form the Print Shop

Leather Sample Above:  
All Type Faces Debossed no Foil

This sample is to help ones understanding of  how the various weights of the type
faces can enhance or detract from the quality of the imprint or monogram

This is an important factor when deciding on a type face.  This leather has a fairly
smooth finish so most any type face will work. Even the Italian Old Style, althoug
h light, still shows up.  However if the leather is pebbled or has another ty
pe of rougher surface the Italian Old Style could get lost
in the pattern and not be legible.  It is advisable to avoid a type face that is
thinner/lighter than the texture of the leather being imprinted or monogrammed.

In contrast the Bookman is a heavier face and although
shows up strongly here it has the tendency to cause the letters to run together or
run over into the next adjoining letter, particularly when using foil.

The Goudy Cursive, English Caslon and News Gothic for example are more what
we call a Book Weight.  Meaning, in the middle between a light face and a heavy
face.   A Book Weight type face gives you the advantage as it will overcome many
textured leather and print clean and crisp
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