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Leather Embossing Hot gold Foil Stamping DEEP  Type

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Leather Gold Foil Stamping and Imprinting

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Leather Embossing Engraving Hot Stamping Monogramming

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Welcome to Bell Type Leather Working Equipment

We offer a unique and complete line of leather working machines
and supplies for Leather Embossing Engraving Hot Stamping
Monogramming and Debossing.  All of our products are American
Made and are designed to make leather work a more enjoyable and
to assist in producing a job well done. A finished product that
speaks for itself and is called Quality.  If  you are a beginner or been
in the Leather Industry for years you will find our line of Leather
Embossing Engraving Hot Stamping Machines, Equipment,
Movable Metal Type, Foils and Supplies built to provide durability
and quality results.  Or equipment will  come on line quickly and
easily and start producing great results on your products and we
believe improve your bottom line and your reputation in the

We invite you to look around and browse our wed site.  We are
developing new pages with helpful information regularly.  See our
index of pages below for our current lot of 18 pages dedicated to
the Leather Industry.
Leather Working Machines, Type, Foil and Supplies
Bell Type
A Century of Quality

Our fist Letterpress shop was established in the 1920's..............
............To our current  factories, Printing and Hot Foil
Stamping Facilities we have been manufacturing and
using  Hand Set Type and Equipment to Emboss,
Engrave, Monogram, Letterpress, Hot Foil Stamp for over
95 Years.

There is NO Substitute for Experience
Hands on Experience we offer our clients

When you consider purchasing a Leather Working
Machine to do Leather Embossing, Engraving,
Monogramming, and Hot Stamping go with Experience
those that actually do Leather working - Bell Type
Since we started in 1920, Our company has had the policy to assist our clients
with setting up there products in our equipment and getting them
impritnted for quality results.

Send your products to us with your specifications and we will set up a
machine and imprint your item.  We can show you, before you buy, how the
machine will work and take the guess work out of purchasing the right

Once we have successfully imprinted your product we will
provide a quotation for your consideration.

Please contact us today
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