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Leather Hot Foil Stamping Type Machines Supplies
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Leather Embossing Engraving Hot Stamping
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Leather Embossing Hot gold Foil Stamping DEEP  Type

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Leather Gold Foil Stamping and Imprinting
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Leather Embossing
How to Emboss Leather
Step by Step
Leather Embossing Machine Equipment
The Green Machine
used in the Leather Industry
Leather Embossing
Step 1.  Set the type in the type holder
and place the base plate on the
Step 2.  Insert the type holder into the
machine and heat it up to about
225 - 250 degrees F
Step 4: When doing Leather Embossing and for best results we suggest
you blank stamp the items first.  This 'irons' the are where you are
planning to lay in the gold.  It can also be helpful when you have leather
that has been tanned and waxed with unknown materials.  
Make SURE the item does NOT MOVE during this entire process.
Please see the Helpful Hints Section for more information.

Step 5: Now you are ready to lay in the Gold Foil.  We suggest not using
the foil feeds and cutting a small piece of foil just the size necessary to
cover the imprint area, and laying it over the imprint and they stamping
smoothly and holding down for just under one second and releasing.
Step 3. Now lets take a look at the item we wish to Leather Emboss.  Notice, does it have snaps,
zippers, pockets or anything that would keep it from laying flat under the type head?
The item must now be 'stuffed' or 'made ready' with some hard cardboard to help level the are
you wish to imprint.  The location you wish to imprint must be parallel to the type face so you get
an even impression. Even the slightest unevenness will cause the imprint to come out uneven.

Also set the left side stop and the back stop so the imprint lands in the exact location you wish it
to be.  Please see Helpful Hints page for use of overlay to help make alignment much easier
and more exact.
Step 6:  Remove the Gold foil and view
the results of your Leather Embossing.  

How is it?

Make Sure You Don't Move the Item
until you are sure you like the imprint.  
This will many times give you
the opportunity to stamp the Gold again
if the need arises.
Step 7:  Your Leather Embossed item
is complete.