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Kingsley Machine Company
Setting up your work on the
Kingsley Machine
Using the Gauge Bar or Base Plate
If you need Hot Foil Stamping
type for your Kingsley Machine,
click on the photo above and it
will take you to a showing of the
Hot Stamping Letters  we are
currently running.
Kingsley Machine With the Gauge Bar For Imprinting

This is a good plate showing how to set up you Kingsley Machine with the Gauge Bar.
There are several things to not here. First, you MUST put down a Cushion Board, not doing so will cause damage to you type.  
We prefer the Medium to Soft board for most work.  Clamp the Gauge Bar OVER the cushion board, and then move it forward
and back till you position the stock where you wish to imprint.

Second notice the side guide, it is a chrome plated small piece.  It will snap onto the gauge bar where you need it to become
your left stop for feeding stock.  For example if your paper is 4" wide and you want to stamp in the center set the Side Guide
at the 2" mark on the Gauge Bar and your stock is now centered under the machine.  

Lastly, Note where it says "Stamping Line".  This is one of the wonderful things about the Kingsley that the other
manufactures have tried to copy but fall short.  The stamping line is exactly where the type will print.

DO NOT FORGET to always use a cushion board under all your work!!!
Kingsley Machine Base Plate:

There art two versions of the base plate.  The one shown is the older model and one we use a lot.  
However when the M101 was produced a baseplate with a larger cushion board and a nice side guide
extension were added.  We will post pictures of the M101 base plate in the future.

Most common base plate is this 8" x 10" baseplate. It works great for doing papers, napkins, Christmas
Cards etc.  Really this is all we use unless we are imprinting a book where the spine of the book gets in
the way.  In that case we use the gauge bar.  It is faster and cleaner to use.

It came with a 3 x 3 cushion board built in.  Most of them have decomposed by now but replacement are

Here again note the "See through Slot"  the first line is showing you exactly where the imprint is going to
be on the produce.  This feature is great for helping line up work.
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Kingsley Machine Company

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Using the Kingsley Gauge Bar to Imprint
Christmas Cards.  

Most Christmas Cards were imprinted with
Christmas Card Gothic... That type face is not
called 18 News Gothic Condensed.
Using the Kingsley Gauge Bar to Imprint

To do large names you might consider
a 36 point type holder.  This way you can
imprint 24 point - 36 point type
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