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Kingsley Machine  72 point Type Holder:

This is Kingsley Machine Companies 72 point type holder.  It was designed to hold custom made flat-base wafer type letter.  These
letters have been out of production for over 30+ years.

The most common type faces used were the monograms Oval, Empire and Large and Small Elegance.  

All of these monograms we are  manufactured today on standard type body.  If you have an older model Kingsley
Machine you will need what was call a five line holder (shown below) to be able to use the type in your machine.
Kingsley Machine Company 72 point Type Holder
60 point Oval Monogram
Military  Leather  Name  Tags
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Kingsley Machine Company Type
Original showing and Availability of
Kingsley Type faces
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Kingsley Machine Typeholders

Kingsley 72 point Typeholder
for use with flat-base (wafer) type

Kingsley 5 Line open Box Typeholder
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Kingsley Machine
Kingsley Machine Company Five Line Typeholder

Here is a way for you to use 72 point type in your old model Kingsley Machine

We manufacture the 60 point Oval, 72 Empire, 48 on 72 Empire that centers with the 72 to make a monogram,
Large and Small Elegance Initials both on 72 point body

See our Hot Foil Stamping Monogram Showing
When using the Kingsley 5 line  ( 1 x 3") open box Typeholder
The Kingsley 3 line, 18 point, 3" Typeholder

Your work area under the type head is reduces. Best to
make sure you can accommodate your work under the head
when using these holder
Kingsley Machine Company 3 line, 18 point  3" Typeholder
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