Howard Personalizer
Ribbon Imprinting Machine
Foil Stamped Ribbon
This Hot Foil Ribbon Printing Machine
is used for
Stamping Foil on Imprinted Items sold as:

Personalized Ribbon

Personalize Ribbon Fast and Easy
A great foil stamper
The HM-45 Personalizer
is easy to use, durable and will last...

We have Five in our shop and they have worked flawlessly for years and years.  In fact one of our
machines we believe is over 25 years old and working perfectly.  

The model 45 is a  1 1/2  x  5  inch machine and we recommend and use it in our shop.
This is a great ribbon imprinting machine. It comes in a hand operated unit or with air power.

Contact us today for details and to purchase.
There are so many great things to talk about
when discussing ribbon machines and imprinted
ribbon and this particular hot foil stamping
equipment.    Please give us a call so we can
discuss your requirements.

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This M-45 machine is set up to imprint
We are showing the standard ribbon Guide installed on the baseplate.  

The photo on the LEFT is our machine with 3/8 ribbon installed and moving through the
guide.  See how the guide holds the ribbon form the bottom and the top.  This is unique
to this machine and very very helpful in keeping the ribbon straight while foil stamping
and feeding through the machine.

The photo on the Right shows the ribbon guide attached to the baseplate.

Take a look below and see how we do it in our shop.  We have two of the ribbon guides
attached to the base plate.  This allows you to rewind the ribbon at the same time you
are imprinting !!   No more ribbon on the floor or needing to be rewound after you are
done printing you job.
This M-45 machine is set up to imprint
Ribbon.  OK  but look at ours below with the
take up real... This is a great addition.
This M-45P air machine is set up to imprint
Ribbon with or take up real.   Just keep
winding and stamping and the job is done.
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