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Hot Stamping  Machine

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Hot Stamping

Embossing, Engraving, Debossing, Monogramming
The Green Machine

Without a question Hot Stamping, also called Embossing,
Engraving, Debossing
, Personalizing or Monogramming, is
now playing a tremendous part in the sale of many retail

If you look about you it can be seen Hot Stamping effectively used on
products makes a regular gift into a unique and personal gift.

People want more of a personal touch in the gifts they purchase so it is no
wonder that Hot Stamping and Monogramming is so powerful a selling
factor, for it is the direct answer to a universal demand.

The clever and wide-awake retailer who can cater to this desire by the use of
easy to use standard equipment like the Green Machine used for Hot
Stamping many items is in a fortunate position to close more sales and
please the clients and perhaps receive more referrals.

Products can be Hot Stamped, Embossed, Engraved, Debossed
, Personalized
and Monogrammed in Gold, Silver or color stamped in white printing on
dark or solid background.  Hot Stamping uses a virtually opaque color
system allowing the Monogram to show up strongly on many products even
with dark backgrounds.

Gold leaf or Hot Stamping has been associated in the past with elegant
book binders works.  Yet Hot Stamping in matt gold foil is employed by
many retailers and manufacturers to produce fine effective Monograms that
enhance there goods and make a gift truly personal.  Popular today are the
colors matt Gold, Rose Gold, Silver as they impart a burnished look. There
is also pigment foil colors, white being very popular.
10  x  12  Base Plate
Hot Foil Stamping Machine Accessories

This Base Plate allows for more flexibility in Hot Foil Stamping your items.  

It gives you a back and side stop.  The stops can be set to position larger work under the
head for accurate placement of the Hot Foil Imprint.  We find when using the machine here
in the shop, it allows us to have two long sides in which to feed the work into allowing us to
line up larger items, bibles and leather good with accuracy and ease.
To Get Started....  

Hot Stamping  

Embossing, Engraving, Debossing, Monogramming

The Green Machine is a good place to start
Used for Hot Stamping and Monogramming Engraving Embossing
on Leather Goods and Bibles

We have many other models to fit your requirements

Hot Stamping Foils
Most used is the Matt Gold
that resembles real Gold
Shown here is gold in
Matt on the left and the Shiny
Gold on the Right
Hot Stamping Type Letters
Available in sizes
from 12 point through 72 point
Hot Stamping Type Letters
Available in sizes
from 12 point through 72 point
Many choices of Hot Stamping Typeholders
are available
Shown here are the
Self centering Monogramming Typeholder
The open box Hot Stamping Holder for Logos
Blue Machine
Green Machine
Professional Book
Hot Foil Stamping
Hot Foil Stamping
Machine Accessories
LARGE Leathers
Bag Machine
Cosmetic Industry