Personalized Bible & Bible Imprinting Machines

Here is our HMM-45 at work in our shop putting a name on a Bible.

Quickly and easily way to do Bible personalization
Here are some suggestions when Personalizing Bibles.

On the LEFT  is our Matt Gold Foil.   We would suggest always using this verity as. it makes Bible
Imprinting easy, it works at a lower temperature and if there was any excess it can be wiped off
for a nice clean imprint. We use this exclusively in our print shop.

On the RIGHT you will see the most commonly used Foil Stamping Type. Goudy Cursive is a
pleasant looking type face, with nice open letters,  as is the News Gothic Cond.  But when you
have a lot of copy it helps to have the News Gothic Cond.

Contact us today for details.
If you wish to offer affordable personalization of your Bibles
with an in-house imprinting services for your Christian Book
or  Would like Us to do the Personalizing for you in
our Print Shop Please contact us for more details

There are so many great things to talk about when discussng
Bible Personalization and using this particular hot foil
stamping equipment
or our Personalizing Service so.....   

Please give us a call
and we can discuss your requirements.

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Getting set up to Imprint a Bible.

On the LEFT  you can see that we are using a gauge bar set up for
placement of the bible under the machine.  This allows us to handle
various size book; because it allows the spine of the book to drop
out of the way and not interfere with the printing process.  The type
holder has the type set and ready to go.

On the RIGHT shows the type holder with the type in place and the
gold foil to be used.
This is a very important part of getting a name on a bible.

Holding the bible in place while you work and not letting it move.  We use the clamp to hold
the cover down and in place while the bible is engraved - gold stamped

With a texture this Bible being a bit rough we suggest you blank stamp it first.  That is to
stamp the Bible without any foil in place thus making a nice smooth impression so the gold
can be laid in place.  The lay th
e Gold Foil over your imprint and imprint.
And there you have it a beautifully
Personalized Bible
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